We Detect and Stop Bad Ads

At Adjesty, we truly understand the main risks that sellers of digital inventories face in the open programmatic media buying ecosystem. We know that inappropriate, unsafe or broken ad campaigns come at a heavy cost and can seriously damage your brand reputation. So, we stop them before they hit you and your valued customers.

Adjesty helps Mobile, Desktop and TV Publishers protect their digital inventory from unwanted ads. Our patent-pending cloud-based SaaS solution allows Ad Exchanges, Ad Networks, SSP and Publishers to control their programmatic delivery chains by selecting only the advertisements that fit their brand policies.

Protect Your Brand in Real Time. Act Before Your Customers Are Hit!

Adjesty provides the only solution in the market specifically designed to enhance the open programmatic media buying chain by giving an edge to our customers who work with OpenRTB, PMP and header bidding. Our state-of-the-art system helps protect Mobile (both in-app & Mobile web) and Display digital ad inventories 24/7/365 in real time, with virtually no increase in the overall latency. Designed for scale, our system handles hundreds of billions of transactions each day and can scan any volume of incoming traffic.

The continued year-to-year growth of Mobile, Video and Display programmatic advertising makes the ad delivery chains longer and more sophisticated. It becomes much easier to hide bad ads behind long and complicated open programmatic chains, where Supply is far from Demand and Publishers are not familiar with either their Demand partners or their Advertisers. While the further rise of open programmatic ad buying definitely brings better yields for Publishers, it simultaneously exposes them to a higher risk of delivering improper and unsafe ads to their audiences.

Given the colossal amount of digital inventories bought programmatically each day, Publishers are no longer in full control of what ads actually hit their inventories. Problematic or unsafe ad campaigns have driven an increase in ad blocking and have forced Publishers and virtually any entity involved in the programmatic ad-buying chains to look for ways to verify and protect the quality of their ads. This gets increasingly challenging to do, especially in Mobile in-app inventory, and particularly if you want to protect your entire traffic stream.

This is where we come in!

Adjesty has developed a disruptive technology in line with our vision of “Changing AdTech for Good”. We believe that in the open programmatic world, Publishers should be in full control of what ads they are willing to accept. Our patent-pending real-time solution uses proprietary innovative technology to algorithmically scan the entire ad traffic stream, providing Publishers, Supply-Side Platforms, Ad Exchanges and Ad Networks with automatic tools that guarantee the quality of their advertisements. Adjesty is proud to be the first company that delivers such innovative tools to the market.

Want to control what ads your customers get? Need to protect your digital inventories from unwanted ads?