Your customers hate bad ads. So do we. That’s why we’ve developed a revolutionary approach to Ad Quality keeping your customers safe at all times. We call it Preemptive Ad Quality Verification™.

Our competitors periodically verify the quality of ads that your customers are already seeing. Well… it’s too little too late, since bad campaigns may already have hit your customers, and periodic scanning of your inventories can’t prevent it.

We do it differently:

Our machine-learning algorithms scan the entire ad traffic and stop the bad ads before they reach your customers!

24/7/365 Brand Protection and Preemptive Ad Quality Verification™ Service

Being an active player in the programmatic media buying chain Adjesty’s system identifies the threats before they reach digital inventories. Our system then either blocks unwanted campaigns or sends you an alert about the issues found. With Adjesty you are in control of what ads your customers see, for all of your inventories. Blocking threats in real time helps fill up ad impressions with good quality campaigns.

Broken Ads Detection

Did you ever see an ad with a broken HTML that can not be displayed?

A video ad that does not play?

A non-clickable ad?

A landing page that gives you a “404 – Page Not Found” error?

A domain that no longer exists?


For a typical Ad Network or Ad Exchange, these campaigns can reach 5% of their daily traffic. They cause countless discrepancies between the partners, and at the end of the month nobody is paid for these invalid ads.

Simply put, it is money left on the table.

The good news is that with Adjesty, your money doesn’t go to waste. We identify broken ads in real time, thus helping our customers  automatically select properly working alternative campaigns.

By deploying our Broken Ads Detection service you simply start earning more with your ads from day one.

Campaign Verification API

Sometimes you’re only interested in verifying the quality of the ad campaigns you are running. It could be a new campaign loaded by a DSP or by an Ad Server, or a campaign received by an affiliate Ad Network. We are here to help, verifying your ad quality with the same innovative methodology and machine-learning algorithms, for Mobile and Desktop.

At Adjesty, we know that if Publishers are supplied with better ads, ad blocking goes down and revenue and user engagement goes up. Our services offer Publishers – and the industry – a win-win opportunity. We are the solution for brand protection and want you to be a part of it, too.