Our Mission

Adjesty’s mission is to bring trust back to the world of digital advertising. We protect digital ad inventories from improper ads, fixing what’s broken in the open programmatic media buying chains. We ensure that only Clean Ads™ reach the consumers.

Who We Are

New Media B2B SaaS, providing proprietary cloud based machine learning solutions for BigData related to online advertising.

What We Do

We detect and stop bad ads in real time, scanning hundreds of billions of transactions of programmatic traffic and RTB – Mobile, Video and Desktop. We protect publishers’ brands by ensuring that only Clean Ads™ reach their inventories.

Why Us

We are the only technology in the market that can preemptively detect and stop threats coming through ads, like malvertising, viruses, phishing sites and scams before they reach the end users. We do so, while operating at full volumes of ad traffic.

Why Now

Publishers seeking better yields drive year-to-year growth of programmatic media buying and RTB. It’s easier to hide bad ads in a longer ad-delivery chain, especially when machines buy from machines that buy from other machines. The continued rise of bad ads fuels further growth of consumer-level ad blockers.

We Ensure Clean Ads™


Adjesty monitors your entire programmatic ad traffic stream in real time detecting the ad threats before they have a chance to reach your Supply-side partners / Publishers. We currently monitor hundreds of billions of impressions daily.


Our proprietary supervised machine-learning algorithms analyze the entire traffic, categorizing each and every advertising campaign while detecting ad threats like malware, viruses, cloaking, phishing, scam and much more. We help to precisely select only matching ads content for each inventory.

Clean Ads™

Our system will inform you about ad threats and any other ad categories as per your own definition, so you can filter them out or take other actions accordingly.

Leadership Team

David Mail

David Mail

Chief Executive Officer

David Mail | Chief Executive Officer

David is an experienced startups executive who has been involved in new media since 2007. Previously, he served as VP R&D of Inneractive (exit 2016), Cortica ($39M in funding) and BiScience ($10M in funding).

Roi Fainstein

Roi Fainstein

Chief Revenue Officer

Roi Fainstein | Chief Revenue Officer

Roi is a digital media business executive, who previously served as VP Performance & Sales at Inneractive / Fyber. During his 12+ years in business, Roi has held executive business positions at Lycos / Ybrant Digital and at Globes, Israel’s leading business publication.

Lev Gloukhenki

Lev Gloukhenki

Chief Technology Officer

Lev Gloukhenki | Chief Technology Officer

Lev is a seasoned R&D manager with over 20 years of building sophisticated software products. He has a proven record of delivering complex and quality projects on time.