Since the beginning of this year, the advertisers have been voting against Google and Facebook. AT&T and Johnson & Johnson, the biggest US advertisers, pulled their budgets from YouTube and other Google properties. The IAB President-CEO, Randall Rothenberg, made a call to action, saying, “we can’t deal with this shit anymore.” And Marc Pritchard, Chief Brand Officer of Procter & Gamble Co., is very unhappy with the “crappy media supply chain.”

Guess what? The bad guys do not give a shit about what marketers think or what IAB wants. They keep playing their “big dollars” game, coming simultaneously from both sides of the media supply chain. Sometimes they act as a bad publisher and other times as a bad advertiser.

Typically, websites like VisaJob advertise themselves via Content Recommendation Networks. You encounter “You May Like” ad-blocks nearly everywhere while browsing the web. At these sites, brand advertisers pay top dollar to show their ads besides fake news and stolen content.

Recently, such a site surprisingly came to my attention via Linkedin.

It’s unbelievable that this post is accompanied with no less than 178 likes! The link takes you to this landing page:

The first thing you see on this web page is a big pop-up dialogue with a Ford ad.

And the only thing you can do here is click on this ad!

Anything, including the closing “X” button on the ad, is blocked by the site. And no, it is not by mistake.

The “X” closing button is purposely blocked by an additional transparent HTML element placed on top of it. This means your click could never even reach Google’s ad-closing button.

This leaves no choice for the visitor but to click on the ad. And there are three more Google ads on every page:

Welcome Jack Kuba, Ford and Pizza Hut to the world of shitty digital advertising!

Your advertising dollars again went down the drain because of the crappy media supply chain. Even worse, the resultant bad user experience while viewing your ads is damaging your brand reputation, which is worth much more money than your online advertising spend.

About the Author:

David Mail is the CEO of Adjesty, a company which ensures Clean Ads™