We help Publishers, SSPs, Ad Exchanges and Ad Networks deliver only clean and quality advertisements to their customers. We do it completely automatically without any human intervention, providing real-time protection from improper advertising. With Adjesty, Publishers can select what kind of advertisement fits their brand policies and match their audiences. This way they can stay safe and protected at all times, enjoying the high yields associated with the highly competitive open programmatic ad marketplace.

There is no single definition for “improper advertising” simply because what is good for some inventories is not good at all for others. Of course, there are some obviously unwelcome threats like malware and viruses, but what about less obvious issues? Is a tobacco product campaign either “good” or “bad”?

The answer is – it depends where it runs and what audience it reaches, and the choice is always yours. For instance, a gambling campaign that advertises a casino in Las Vegas could be absolutely acceptable when displayed in a gambling mobile app, which is used by adults and requests an age verification for each new customer. However, once such a gambling campaign reaches a teen gaming web site it becomes an unwanted and improper advertisement.

At Adjesty, we know that the definition of “improper” or “bad” ads differs for each brand, Publisher and ad inventory. Our job is to provide our customers with sophisticated tools to help them maximize the Lifetime Value of their digital inventories. We enable our customers to select only the advertising that matches their audience and their brand safety criteria.

Adjesty’s software categorizes each campaign it meets, applying both IAB and Adjesty-proprietary categories describing campaign content. Along with “good stuff” we detect the majority of offensive ads, including auto-redirects, malvertising and viruses, pushed downloads and much more. Furthermore, we can alert you about business related issues such as in-banner video or a “broken campaign”. Feel free to contact us for a full list of detected issues.

Our competitors periodically verify the quality of ads that your customers are already seeing. Well… it’s too little too late, since bad campaigns may already have hit your customers, and periodic scanning of your inventories can’t prevent it.

We do it differently:

Our machine-learning algorithms scan the entire ad traffic and stop the bad ads before they reach your customers!

Adjesty provides the only solution in the market specifically designed to enhance the open programmatic media buying chain by giving an edge to our customers who work with OpenRTB, PMP and header bidding. Our patent-pending system helps protect Mobile (both in-app & Mobile web) and Display digital ad inventories 24/7/365 in real time, with virtually no increase in the overall latency. Designed for scale, our system handles billions of transactions each day and can scan any volume of incoming traffic.

We verify Mobile in-app, Mobile web and Display inventories with a special focus on OpenRTB, including:

  • HTML5/JS “regular banners”
  • VAST video
  • VPAID video
  • Native ads
  • In-banner video such as Sprite JS